Anti-mold antibacterial pillow (Non sterilized)

Product Specifications


  • 1. Ingredients / Materials: EVA&PE Foam + PU Inert sponge (Pillow)70% PET + 30% Cotton (Pillow case)   
  • 2. Product Size: 57cm (Length)*33cm (Width)*10cm (Height)
  • 3. Color: Khaki
  • 4. Fabric thickness/thinness: 330g/Size
  • 5. Country of Origin: Taiwan


Pillowcase fabric composition:


  • 1. Nano Gold / Platinum: The high active material has a large surface area, high reaction rate and good catalytic effect. Its low potential characteristic can release physiological light wave (4~14μm, close to 9.36μm electromagnetic wave released by human body) at room temperature and resonate with human body, which has excellent experience of glow warming skin, activating health care and accelerating blood circulation
  • 2. Far-infrared powder: It has the same properties as light, such as direct, flexion, radiation and reflection. Its depth is within the absorption range of human body, and the far infrared is physically light with warm effect.
  • 3. Nano Silver: Manufacturing process <10nm,Beyond the traditional technology, the antibiotics currently used in the medical field can only deal with a few kinds of bacteria (bacteria), and unable to fight viruses (viruses), while nano silver has a powerful antibacterial effect which can inhibit more than 650 kinds of bacteria, viruses and mold in a few minutes. The antibacterial has a long-lasting effect.
  • 4. Nano zinc oxide(photo-catalyst): 10nm, Anti-bacterial, disinfection, odor decomposition and self-cleaning functions.


Product Features: 


  • 1. The pillow is made of PU (Polyurethane) material with linear, columnar and non-standard 3D wave structure, which has excellent ventilation and support, keeping the overall product clean and dry, enhancing the comfort of surface use.
  • 2. The pillowcase is made of anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and deodorizing fabric, tested by SGS. The anti-bacterial activity value of Candida albicans is 2.9, and the fabric is tested after 30 times of washing. No colony formation of pneumonia bacteria has been found; tested by the national impartial test. The inhibition rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli is as high as 99.9%, deodorization rate is as high as 96%, tested by the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, and the inhibition rate of cat coronavirus is as high as 99.7%
  • 3. The pillow case uses far infrared technology, which has a warming effect, promotes metabolism, and activates the effect of fitness. Upon completing SGS testing, the far infrared radiation rate is as high as 0.88.


Storage & Cleaning


  • 1. Wash pillow case as per normal (do not use bleach), do not wipe or brush the product with sharp objects to avoid damage.
  • 2. Do not place in high temperature places (such as: under the sun) to avoid deformation of the material and shorten of shelf life.


Buyer's Guide


  • 1. The photos of the products are displayed to ensure that the photos are consistent with the actual products, but due to the lighting, monitor color deviation, personal understanding of color, it will result in some color differences between the actual product and photos. Personal understanding of color differences will result in physical objects in color differences with the photos, such issues are not considered defects, the final color of the actual goods shall prevail, not in the scope of return or exchange.
  • 2. Consumers have a seven-day appreciation period, the returned goods must be in new condition (no scratches or damages) and should have complete packaging [containing main merchandise, accessories, internal and external packaging bags (boxes), and merchandise accompanying documents and information], otherwise the product cannot be returned.
  • 3. Upon unpacking, please check the integrity of the product, if there are defects, please contact the seller to return or exchange service.



  • 1. Do not keep open wound in contact directly with non sterilized products.
Product Model/Number Hardness(°) Density(kg/m³) Applicable Products
LH-2500 15~20 24 ±3 Water Sports Product (swimming float, life buoy, life buoy)
LH-1800 20~25 42 ±3 Yoga Sports Products (Foam Rollers)
LH-10002N 28 ±4 45 ±5 Backpack paddings
LH-10002N 30~35 80 ±5 Protective pads, acoustic pads, cushioning materials
LH-0800 40~45 90 ±5
LH-0600 45~50 100 ±10
LH-0500 50~55 135 ±5
RS-1000 18~22 80 ±10 Yoga Massage Rollers
RBM 20~25   Protective Equipment
RE-1000 18 ±4 45 ±10 Car liner, rear view mirror
RE-1200 21 ±4 60 ±10
CR 8~15 200 ±30 Diving Suits, Protective Equipments
CR 15~20 250 ±30
CR 20~25 350 ±30
EPDM 20~25 350 ±30 Automotive materials (weather resistant adhesive), solar materials, anti-vibration mats, sound deadening mats
EPDM 15~20 130 ±20
IEPE     Foldable Hiking Mats
SBR     Protective Equipment Material
Politec     Automotive materials (lights)
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