Quality Policy & Objectives  ISO 9001 Policy and Goals


l   Satisfying customer needs

l   Pursuit of economic benefits

l   Emphasis on quality improvement

l   Strive to achieve goals

l   Technology Research Innovation



l   Submission of at least one SBIR development case every three years

l   Annual failure rate of less than 3%

l   Customer satisfaction score of 9 and above


Environmental Policy & Objectives  ISO 14001 Policy and Goals


l   Energy saving, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable development

l   Complying with environmental regulations and implement environmental management

l   Implementing and continuous improvement of the environmental management system



l   Reduction of waste and recycling of resources

l   Waste reduction and energy saving

l   Concerning of global issues

l   Complying with regulatory requirements and implement regulatory checks

l   Implementing education and training on machine equipment and environmental protection

l   Implementing environmental policies and objectives and continuous improvement


Social Responsibility Policy & Objectives  SA 8000 Policy and Goals


l   Compliance with laws and regulations: Comply with the local government's requirements on labor, environmental protection, safety and health, and provide a safe and healthy working environment and space for employees to fully develop their talents. We respect the freedom of our employees, prohibit any form of forced labor, and provide a fair and safe work environment where any form of discrimination is prohibited.

l   Humane treatment: No child labor, no corporal punishment, no abuse, no coercive discipline of employees

l   Transparency and freedom of association: Establish relevant internal and external communication channels. Internally, the Company shall encourage direct communication and sharing between employees and management; externally, the Company shall welcome any exchange of information through a dedicated mailbox and shall respect the freedom of all employees to form, join and organize unions without any adverse consequences or reprisals from the Company.  

l   Provide reasonable hours, pay and benefits: Strict compliance with local government regulations related to labor hours, wages, benefits, and implement company management in an open and clear manner to employees.

l   We strive to fully integrate our CSR (Common reporting standard) policy into all aspects of our operations. We are committed to extending the spirit of our CSR (Common reporting standard) policy to our vendor partners. 


l   Regulatory Compliance

l   Labor Harmony

l   Safety is the top priority

l   Energy Saving

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