Products & Markets

Our product categories are divided into five categories:

  • Water Sports
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Medical care and health care products
  • Sports protective
  • OEM & ODM Products

Our self-developed products are mainly focused on aerobic fitness, such as massage rollers, yoga series products, and health care products, such as breathable mattresses, hot compresses, etc.

In terms of market promotion, the roller is mainly promoted in Taiwan, Europe, Oceania and American countries. In partnership with Japan, we are the first to invent and structure the breathable mattress in Taiwan, and it is currently in the market sale. 

With its technological development, the company is currently equipped with a series of complete processing machines and equipment, and the other two sets of new molding processing machines have been installed and added to production, providing fast and simple functions in the processing process, increasing production capacity and product performance.


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