Anti-decubitus Mattress (Non-Sterile)

Product Specification:

  • Ingredients / Materials: EVA&PE foam + PU inert sponge (Can be customized) + Water repellent cloth + 100% nylon anti-bacterial bed cover.
  • Density: 40g/m 3 or less.
  • Hardness: 25±3 Asker C.
  • Flexibility: 25% compression deformation rate 5% or less.
  • Product Dimensions: 197cm (L) x 91cm (W) x 13cm (D)


Usage Instruction:

  • 1. Remove the folded mattress from the box and flatten it out.
  • 2. Put the mattress cover over the mattress.
  • 3. Place the mattress flat on the bed for usage.


Product Description:

  • The air permeability of the product is excellent. The force is even and it can completely conform to the curves of the human body. The internal pressure can be maintained appropriately, so that each part of the human body can be in close contact with the curves. The part of concave and convex curves of the human body can be in close contact with the mattress, supporting the patient and preventing the body from being subjected to excessive local pressure. It provides effective relief for bed sores and prevents deterioration situation for people who requires to stay in bed for a long time.
  • For patients who need to be bedridden for a long time, it reduces the pressure of long-term care for patients' families and caregivers.
  • Quick removal of moisture and heat.
  • The mattress is designed with a splash-proof layer of fabric to prevent dirt from seeping into the mattress in case of incontinence.
  • Power usage is not needed, noise reduction, energy saving and environmental protection. Product does not require regular check on the effect of inflation and deflation, reducing the workload of caregivers, and trouble caused by temporary power failure.
  • With the unique material, there is no air leakage aging breakage problem compare to inflatable pump type air mattress.
  • The antibacterial, deodorizing and far-infrared fabrics were tested by SGS, and the antibacterial activity value of Candida albicans was 2.9. After 30 times of washing, there is no colony formation of E. pneumoniae and the far-infrared radiation rate is as high as 0.88. The inhibition rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli is as high as 99.9%, and the deodorization rate of ammonia is as high as 96%. The inhibition rate of cat coronavirus is as high as 99.7%.


Storage & Cleaning:

  • Wash antibacterial bed cover normally (Do not bleach).
  • If the water repellent layer gets dirty, clean with a piece of wet cloth.
  • Do not place in high temperature areas (such as: sunlight exposure) to avoid deformation of the material and shortening of shelf life.
  • Do not wipe or brush the product with brushes or sharp objects to avoid damaging product.


Buyer's Guide:

  • The photos of the products are displayed to ensure that the photos are consistent with the actual product, however, due to lighting, monitor color deviation, personal different understanding of color, color of the product may vary with photo. Such issues are not defects, the final color to the actual goods shall prevail, not in the scope of return or exchange.
  • Returned goods must be in new condition (no scratches) and should have complete packaging [including the main product, accessories, internal and external packaging bags (boxes), gifts, etc. and accompanying documents and information], otherwise the product cannot be returned.
  • Warranty: 3 years



  • 1. Please use this product in accordance with your personal health conditions.
  • 2. Do not contact open wound directly with non-sterilized product.




Name of Company: Lain Hong Co,. Ltd

Address: No.235-61, Zhuzijiao, Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 71244, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Inquiry hotline: (06) 598-1079

Pharmaceutical license number: 6205060168

Name of manufacturer: Lain Hong Co,. Ltd & Shian Jia Meei Co,.Ltd

Manufacturer Address: NO.5, Hua Yuan 2nd St., Pei Hua Village Guan Miao Hsiang, Tainan Hsien 71842, Taiwan

License number: 6105030015

Product Model/Number Hardness(°) Density(kg/m³) Applicable Products
LH-2500 15~20 24 ±3 Water Sports Product (swimming float, life buoy, life buoy)
LH-1800 20~25 42 ±3 Yoga Sports Products (Foam Rollers)
LH-10002N 28 ±4 45 ±5 Backpack paddings
LH-10002N 30~35 80 ±5 Protective pads, acoustic pads, cushioning materials
LH-0800 40~45 90 ±5
LH-0600 45~50 100 ±10
LH-0500 50~55 135 ±5
RS-1000 18~22 80 ±10 Yoga Massage Rollers
RBM 20~25   Protective Equipment
RE-1000 18 ±4 45 ±10 Car liner, rear view mirror
RE-1200 21 ±4 60 ±10
CR 8~15 200 ±30 Diving Suits, Protective Equipments
CR 15~20 250 ±30
CR 20~25 350 ±30
EPDM 20~25 350 ±30 Automotive materials (weather resistant adhesive), solar materials, anti-vibration mats, sound deadening mats
EPDM 15~20 130 ±20
IEPE     Foldable Hiking Mats
SBR     Protective Equipment Material
Politec     Automotive materials (lights)
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